A better partnership than a
silo and a pile of pellets

Going above and beyond.
When a loyal CPA customer was faced with product problems – problems that could have affected almost one million pounds worth of business, Channel Prime Alliance Account Manager Bill Wilke stepped in quickly to find the best solution to the issue at hand.

One of Bill’s customers noticed visible white streaks in the finished product, causing him to believe that the material he was receiving was arriving defective.

As soon as Bill caught wind of the issue, he teamed up with Technical Support Specialist Dave Waters to help get to the bottom of the problem. Together, they contacted the customer and began to investigate.

Even though in their first client diagnostic conversations, the team was assured the drying process was being adhered to correctly, Bill and Dave felt that something was still amiss.  So, in true CPA fashion, the team hopped on a plane, heading to Mexico and their client’s facility to solve the problem.

After getting a first-hand look at the system and machinery being used, fairly quickly, it became clear to the experienced CPA pair that what they had suspected all along was the cause of the product streaks. It was not the material. The problem was steeped in the customer’s molding machine and the way it was set up.

After discovering the issue, the team was able to provide feedback and fixes for their valuable customer and their drying process.

“Dave went in with me and professionally and subtly explained to the owner that they needed to improve their methods of drying the material. Dave has over 30 years of experience and presents himself as such, so he was able to explain to a very staunch customer to make the changes he suggested.  After four hours of drying the material, we were making beautiful parts without streaks,” Wilke said.

This information was directly responsible for fixing the problem at hand, and also for streamlining process change that would prevent the streaks from appearing again in the future – just another example of the type of service that Channel Prime Alliance is known for – always meeting and exceeding the requirements of our customers.

We hope you’ll give us a try and see why CPA is where the rubber meets the road.