June 17, 2024

Channel Prime Alliance Expands Portfolio with Westlake Dimex Sustainable PVC and Thermoplastic Elastomer Solutions

Channel Prime Alliance Expands Portfolio with Westlake Dimex Sustainable PVC and Thermoplastic Elastomer Solutions

Channel Prime Alliance announces the addition of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), thermoplastic olefin (TPO) and thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) material solutions containing recycled content from Westlake Dimex to its portfolio. This relationship highlights the company’s commitment to providing innovative materials containing up to 88% recycled content to customers across various industries.

Westlake Dimex is renowned for its expertise in recycling industrial PVC, TPO, and TPE. With advanced compounding processes, technology, and a dedicated focus on producing post-industrial recycled materials, Westlake Dimex offers a comprehensive range of products to help meet environmental initiatives of manufacturers. The new portfolio offering includes PVC, TPO, and TPE solutions engineered to deliver excellent performance while reducing use of virgin materials across numerous industries such as construction, consumer goods and industrial applications.

"We are incredibly excited to expand our offerings with these high-quality, more sustainable materials from Westlake Dimex," said Derek Schaefer, business unit manager at Channel Prime Alliance. "This allows us to provide our customers with solutions that incorporate recycled content but do not compromise on performance. Westlake's commitment to sustainability and innovation aligns perfectly with our mission to deliver top-tier material solutions to our clients."

Westlake Dimex General Manager Andy Antil looks forward to working with Channel Prime Alliance. “Bringing our PVC, TPO, and TPE products with recycled content to the market through Channel Prime Alliance is an exciting next step toward expanding the use of recycled materials throughout the manufacturing space,” said Antil. “We are excited to enhance Channel Prime Alliance’s portfolio with recycled alternatives to prime materials, providing their customers more choices that reflect their sustainability goals.”

With the introduction of Westlake Dimex's post-industrial recycled PVC, TPO, and TPE materials, Channel Prime Alliance continues to provide environmentally conscious options that meet evolving sustainability requirements for many customers and markets. This collaboration enhances our product portfolio and reinforces our dedication to sustainability and excellence in the industry.

For more information regarding Westlake Dimex products, please contact Channel Prime Alliance’s business unit manager, Derek Schaefer, or your local Channel Prime Alliance account manager for more details.

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About Westlake Dimex

Westlake Dimex, a business unit of Westlake Corporation (NYSE: WLK), is a North American manufacturer of GreenCircle-certified recycled PVC, TPO and TPE compounds in addition to other consumer and professional home and landscape products. Founded in 1991 and acquired by Westlake Corporation in 2021, Westlake Dimex has processed annually over 100 million pounds of recycled materials in its Marietta, Ohio facilities and offers toll processing services including grinding, shredding, blending and compounding to reuse scrap plastic materials. Westlake Dimex GreenCircle Certification information is available here.

About Channel Prime Alliance

Channel Prime Alliance is a member of the Ravago Group, a leader in plastics, distribution, compounding, and recycling since 1961. Through Channel Prime Alliance’s collaboration with a diverse range of suppliers, we ensure access to cutting-edge plastic materials that cater to various markets and applications. With a commitment to excellence and versatility, we empower businesses to thrive in their ever-evolving business landscapes.