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Agriculture, Lawn & Garden Automotive Healthcare & Medical Consumer Products Industrial Applications Packaging Building & Construction
  • Riding Lawnmower

    Agriculture, Lawn & Garden

    Getting dirty never looked this good

    Gnome one knows lawn and garden plastics and rubbers like we do. Our products know how to get dirty to get the job done, no matter how it comes: in the field or on your lawn. From hoses and seals to equipment panels and handles, and everything in between, our plastics and elastomers are versatile enough to suit any need.

    • Agriculture Films
    • Industrial Equipment
    • Greenhouse Films
  • car key


    Bringing speed and style to the starting line

    We hold the key to making your products a reality. From PVC to ABS, we have what it takes to make a great ride inside and out. We offer a full line of products with automotive approvals. From bumper to bumper we have everything you need to get your rugged ride or sweet luxury mobile all the attention it deserves when the drivers start their engines.

    • Weather Seals
    • Interiors
    • Under the Hood
    • Tires
    • Exterior body
  • blood pressure cuff

    Healthcare & Medical

    Little things shouldn’t stand between sickness and health

    When an apple a day just isn’t enough, we deliver the highest quality plastics to medical equipment production facilities around the globe. Our plastics and elastomers make parts for pacemakers, syringes and everything in between. Rest easy knowing that your equipment comes from untainted pellets that work as hard as you do.

    • Syringes & Tubes
    • Stoppers & Seals
    • Medical Devices & Packaging
  • washer appliance

    Consumer Products

    Creating the world around you

    Plastics and elastomers can be manipulated to accommodate the broadest array of goods. It takes variety to meet our varying customers’ needs. From kayaks and solo cups to bicycles and beyond, we’ve got the right polymer for you. At CPA we’re not just helping you make products. We’re helping you create the world your customers live in.

    • Appliance
    • Toys & Recreational Products
    • Sporting goods
    • Electronics
    • Housewares & Household Products
    • Personal Care and Hygiene
    • Tools
    • Apparel
  • yellow bucket with black handle

    Industrial Applications

    Big jobs need little guys

    From tubing and piping to tanks and buckets, we have exactly what you need to meet the standards of your toughest jobs. Nothing is too big or too small for our hard-working pellets. They stick together with 110 million pounds of their brethren in our warehouses waiting for your job; and we’ll stick by your side to make sure it’s done right.

    • Belting
    • Buckets & Bins
    • Containers & Tanks
    • Hoses & Tubes
    • Seals & Gaskets
    • Compounding & Blending
  • soap and cleaning bottles


    We’re a package deal

    Functionality knows no limits for food, consumer and industrial-grade plastic packaging. Trusted across all industries, our pellets are branded prime and our attention to detail keeps them that way. Coupled with our today or two-day delivery, this just might be the most attractive package ever.

    • Caps, Seals & Closures
    • Flexible Packaging
    • Food Packaging
    • Liquids Packaging
    • Surface Protection Films
    • Hot-Melt Adhesives
    • Rigid Packaging
    • Single-Use Packaging
  • coiled yellow rubber wiring

    Building & Construction

    Experienced builders deserve exceptional materials

    These pellets have super powers far beyond anything you’ve ever dreamed. Long-lasting and made to endure the toughest conditions, construction plastics and rubbers can take any job. Build weather-resistant plastic-infused decks, rust-proof PVC piping — basically anything you can imagine. Let our pellets help you bring your latest constructions to a whole new level of awesome.

    • Wire & Cable
    • Building & Home Exterior
    • Electrical Components
    • Road & Highways
    • Fiber Optics
    • Geotextiles
    • Flooring
    • Woven & Nonwoven Industrial Fabrics

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