We offer 3D printing materials

Thanks to our partnership with Jabil, we supply 3D printing resin.

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<p>We offer 3D printing materials</p>
The benefits of 3D manufacturing

The benefits of 3D manufacturing

Additive manufacturing (3D) is responsible for breakthroughs in the industrial, automotive, healthcare and aerospace industries, accelerating product development cycles, attaining precision and creating cost-efficiency. It’s one of the purest forms of digital manufacturing technology – moving files from one location to another happens with one click. That means switching costs are virtually nonexistent.

Working with Jabil to supply 3D printers worldwide

Jabil, a US-based contract manufacturing company with clients like HP, created their own product line of printing resins to supply the hundreds of 3D printers in their facilities worldwide.

Through our partnership with Jabil, we provide distribution services for their growing line of 3D printing products. This includes TPU, PETG, PC, ABS, nylon and PC/ABS with more products to come.

Shop Now for 3D Printing Materials

Shop Now for 3D Printing Materials

Now offering 3D printing materials including filament, powder and resin for purchase online. Click below to view our online store.

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