We make an impact that’s sustainable

<p>We make an impact that’s sustainable</p>

At Channel Prime Alliance, we recognize the intrinsic value of discarded plastic and choose to give them a new life by transforming them once again into valuable and truly sustainable products. By enabling this circular economy, we simultaneously reduce greenhouse gases, which helps to secure a safe and healthy planet for our next generations.

Channel Prime Alliance strives to be a strong, comprehensive recycling company and is continuously looking to improve our environmental and social impact at all levels. We are the only raw material distributor in North America with full, in-house recycling capabilities for plastic polymers.

Our parent company, Ravago, has been a global leader in polymer recycling since it was founded in 1961. At Channel Prime Alliance, we are proud to carry on this tradition that has been at the core of our mission to serve our customers with plastic raw material solutions that reduce the impact on the environment and truly help make our world a better place to live.