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What Our Customers Are Saying

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    "Channel Prime is a key partner to our success. They worked with us to develop materials with specific properties, performance and cost. This supports our regional growth and success now and in the future and may help to land another big fish. Good people. Good company." - Tom Hutchinson President, Medway Plastics

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    "CPA has been a great supplier to us for 9 years. We truly appreciate the excellent customer service of our sales and support team who go above and beyond to advocate on our behalf, deliver on time, respond quickly, and accommodate our irregular demand.” - MTi/Polyexe

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    "Our long standing relationship is because Channel Prime Alliance gets things done. They are always available to address day-to-day challenges and long term opportunities. Their plastics network and business acumen are some of the best in the industry." - Steve Trapp, President of Venture Plastics

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    "Our Channel Prime Alliance customer service representative is awesome to work with. Our sales representative is always responsive to Flair on products and pricing that Channel Prime Alliance has to offer." - Wayne Schumacher, General Manager Flair Molded Plastics

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