November 1, 2023

CPA Selected as Distribution Partner of NatureWorks' Ingeo™️ PLA Product Portfolio

CPA Selected as Distribution Partner of NatureWorks' Ingeo™️ PLA Product Portfolio

Channel Prime Alliance is pleased to announce its new branded distribution partnership with NatureWorks, the world's leading producer of polylactic acid (PLA). With this new strategic partnership, Channel Prime Alliance is an authorized United States and Canada distributor of the Ingeo™️ biopolymer grades for injection molding, extrusion, and 3D printing applications.

With its primary manufacturing facility in Blair, NE and production capacity of 330 million lbs. of Ingeo biopolymer, NatureWorks is able to support nationwide material needs. The new Channel Prime partnership will increase overall commercial presence to provide customers with more resources and continuous high-quality service to the NatureWorks product line.

The market has seen growing interest in the replacement of fossil-based plastics with biobased materials driven by eco-conscious consumers and OEM sustainability goals. With a carbon footprint 73% smaller than conventional plastics and options for both recycling and composting, Ingeo biopolymer is able to contribute to goals for both decarbonization and materials circularity across numerous applications.

“Channel Prime Alliance is excited to begin integrating NatureWorks PLA solutions into our everyday conversations,” said Derek Schaefer, Business Unit Manager for Channel Prime Alliance. “So many Brands, OEM’s, and, material processors are looking for more sustainable options that go beyond just meeting functional and compliance requirements, but also have the ability to scale today. NatureWorks products are another resource in our sustainable portfolio that we can lean on to help Channel Prime Alliance deliver meaningful solutions right now.”

Channel Prime has always prioritized customer satisfaction, and this partnership with NatureWorks is a testament to our dedication to delivering innovative products to our everchanging industry. We are excited about this new venture and look forward to the mutual success it will bring.

Channel Prime is accepting samples and orders for NatureWorks products as of November 1st 2023.

For more questions and inquiries, please contact Channel Prime's PLA Business Manager, Derek Schaefer.